Valley of the Temples

Private shore excursion

Half day tour from Porto Empedocle port of call

Full day tour from Palermo or Catania ports of call


The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Sicily, is one of the most important archeological sites in the world and a Unesco world heritage site since 1998. Ancient Akragas was one of the most thriving centres of Greek civilisation. Along a rocky scarp, chosen as the southern limit of the town, are still sited the great temples of ancient Akragas



We'll drive  first to the Temple of Giunone entrance at the top of the hill and walk downhill for about one mile along the so-called Via Sacra.  Enjoy a magnificient view of the surroundings, the Mediterrenean Sea and Agrigento from the top of the hill. We will admire the Temple of Hera or Juno, the Temple of Concordia, the Temple of Herakles or Hercules, the Temple of Zeus or Jupiter and the Sanctuary of Chtonian Deities (Temple of Castor and Pollux)- and discover the secrets behind their construction. The tour of the temples can be complemented with a tour of the Archaeological Museum of San Nicola, a fine introduction to the spendours of ancient Akragas, to get an insight into the life of the ancient settlers. See the collection of Attic pottery found in the area, ex-votoes, figurines, statues and the giant Telamon from the Temple of Zeus.


Tour type: private shore trip from Porto Empedocle/ Palermo/ Catania ports of call.

Chauffer- driven. On demand we can provide English speaking driver/ guide and/or licensed tour guide.

Time duration: almost 4 hours from Poarto Empedocle, 7 hours from Palermo or Catania

Driving time: from Porto Empedocle  15 minutes, from Catania and Palermo over two hours 

Departure time: on demand

Meeting place for cruisers: Port of call pier: The guide/ driver will hold a sign with clients' name.

Tour cost: depends on the services requested (driver, English speaking driver, licensed tour guide, driver/guide). Please ask for a quote